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Canthaxanthin Information - SUNBRONZ CANTHAXANTHIN


Canthaxanthin, (pronounced "CAN THA ZAN THIN") is one of the two major carotenoids. Carotenoids are bright colors (yellow, orange and red) that are found in nature. Beta-carotene is the yellow through orange colors. (Examples: the yellow in squash, broccoli, cauliflower and the orange in carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins.) Canthaxanthin is the orange-red through brown-red colors. (Examples: the red in the skin of an apple, peaches, watermelon, strawberries, shrimp, crab, lobster and the maroon in some edible mushrooms.)

SUNBRONZ CANTHAXANTHIN is a brown-red carotenoid that is used by millions world wide for its many benefits. It is made of the highest quality canthaxanthin. There are no chemicals nor toxins, just pure canthaxanthin.

There are NO sugars, flavors, colors, soy, wheat, corn, milk, egg, or grain products.


NO! The only Canthaxanthin we recommend as the highest quality, purest, and darkest is the one labeled SUNBRONZ. Many other Canthaxanthin products would most likely fit into one of the following categories:

   A) Other brands are NOT vegetarian (even though some companies label it as such).

   B) Other brands are an orange-red instead of a brown-red carotenoid.

   C) Other brands contain one or more of the following chemicals: BHT, BHA, modified food starch, methylparaben, sodium bisulfite, propylparaben.

SUNBRONZ has always been a pure, dark-brown Canthaxanthin. Many other companies are selling a chemical synthetic food dye as Canthaxanthin. It is only 10% Canthaxanthin and 90% chemical food additives. It contains animal by-products and is also used for the coloring of foods such as barbeque sauce, thousand island dressing, tropical fruit punch drinks, sausage, etc.

SunBronz customers say it all...

   "I like the tablets so much better. Thanks for listening." - J.P.K., CA

   "This is a wonderful product. I just love it!" - Dr. R.B., NY

   "I love the tan." - R.W., MI

   "I'm writing to express my appreciation for your Canthaxanthin. I've achieved amazing results." - D.C., OK

   "This stuff is great." - D.A., WI

   "I love the tablets." - B.J.M., FL

   "I like the tablets. I've cut the amount I used of the tablets." - K.P., PA

   "I look good! With no sunburn!" - A.R., NY

   "I've been using Canthaxanthin for over a year and it is great!" - J.T., GA

   "Both Canthaxanthin and SmileBrite work great!" - R.L., NC

   "I am a 55 year old white female. Six months ago I started taking Canthaxanthin because my coloring had become so pale. I love the remarks I get; people no longer ask 'How are you feeling?' Now they say 'Wow, do you look good'" - T. S., FL

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